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October Spotlight - Ann Arbor Arms

 | Published on 10/1/2017
Ann Arbor Arms (A3) is a family owned business that was created out of the enthusiasm and passion for shooting sports, coupled with the love and concern for protection and wellbeing of friends and family.
Although Ann Arbor Arms retail focus is far removed from the industries which my wife, Holli, and I have focused on in our careers, the core of the store and its mission is at the heart of what we have always followed and believed: Have access to high quality products for the everyday person to ensure the safety and security of their family and friends.
Our times living and raising a family in south Florida led to the attention to preparation and protection as we repeatedly prepared for hurricane season and the challenges it brings to that region. Following the tragic events of Sept. 11th, as I was separated from family while on business in the Northeast, it became glaringly obvious that our family had to have a plan for such unseen events, and that God forbid something ha