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May Spotlight - Donna Verna, Mary Kay

 | Published on 5/1/2017
Married for 30 years to my husband (Scott, an engineer at GM) and mother to 3 terrific adult children, my life has been blessed! I have a Business Marketing degree from Auburn University and have always looked at how to make any organization function at its best. After working in the corporate world before having children and then as a substitute teacher in the Dexter school district for 16 years (a job that offered the same work days as my children) and volunteering for many things from Cub Scouts, to Swim Team to Equestrian Team to Prom while continuing to serve in my local church in the Worship Team and county 4H, my children grew up and are on their own. So, I decided to build my own career and set about for three years looking for the best place to do that. After learning about how Mary Kay is founded on the principles of God first, family second and career third and treating people by the Golden Rule, along with the positive "sisterhood" of fellow Consultants and of c