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Simon Joshua 

Cornerstone Wealth Partners  Investor Coach | Mortgage Loan Officer
Okemos, MI

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Okemos, MI
Cornerstone Wealth Partners
Investor Coach | Mortgage Loan Officer

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Abigail Joshua

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After graduating from college, Simon was undecided about what career field to pursue. Around the same time, he began learning how to manage his own personal finances and found himself growing personally and professionally as he learned. His most profound discovery was that he could change his circumstances and shape his own future by changing his present actions.

Inspired by this knowledge and the change it had brought to his life, Simon sought a position in financial services. His journey had given him a passion for leading others to face their financial choices and shape their future.

A few months after becoming a licensed investment advisor representative, Simon joined Cornerstone Wealth Partners. He was drawn to Cornerstone by their mission and leadership. Cornerstone focuses on coaching the client to stay disciplined through a life-long pursuit of well-informed investing practices. This coaching involves honest discovery and decision-making by the clients, the very things that spurred Simon’s change of heart, mind, and life.

Soon after becoming an investment professional, Simon added mortgage lending to his financial toolbox. He now serves families as a money coach, dedicated to dramatically increasing freedom, love, and worship in their lives.

He continues to learn about investing, coaching, community building, and many other subjects. He enjoys his relationships with God and with his people. He enjoys learning, mostly through reading and writing. He enjoys conversation whenever and wherever he can find it. Right now, his favorite hobby is developing a plan and design for a town, an idea that is still in its infancy.