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The WAVE Bus provides rides for all living and tra

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The WAVE Bus provides rides for all living and tra
By Shasta J Grifka
Posted: 2024-03-11T04:00:00Z

In 1976, the Western-Washtenaw Area Value Express (WAVE) embarked on its journey with a single bus serving a solitary community. Today, WAVE has transformed into a robust transportation network with 15 vehicles, connecting the entire Western Washtenaw County.

WAVE's has a diverse array of services, including shuttles, fixed routes, and door-to-door transportation ensuring accessibility and connectivity throughout Western Washtenaw County.

1. Shuttles: WAVE's dedication to community connectivity shines through its shuttle services. The WAVE provides shuttle services to MDOT approved groups.

2. Fixed Routes: The Community Connector route travels through Chelsea, Dexter, and Scio Township. The Chelsea Community Shuttle, a complimentary service, has a route that stops throughout Chelsea. The Jackson Road Connector’s route is on Jackson Road between Thornton Farms and Parkland Plaza. The Jackson Road Connector and Community Connector met with AAATA #30 at Meijer on Zeeb Road which makes it possible to get from Chelsea and Dexter to Ypsilanti.

3. Door-to-Door Services: WAVE's distinctive door-to-door service offers personalized transportation for individuals across Western Washtenaw County. This service surpasses fixed routes, allowing WAVE to transport anyone in the region to any destination within Washtenaw County, minimizing transportation barriers for all residents.

WAVE's success extends beyond buses and routes; it hinges on forging meaningful partnerships with municipalities, townships, businesses, and nonprofits, to build strong relationships in the communities they serve.

1. Municipal and Township Collaboration: WAVE's close collaboration with local municipalities and townships is pivotal in understanding the unique transportation needs of each community.

2. Business Engagement: Businesses play a pivotal role in supporting WAVE's mission. Through partnerships with local businesses, WAVE contributes to the enhancement of services benefiting both employees and the broader community.

3. Non-Profit Support: Non-profit organizations have been valuable allies in WAVE's journey. By aligning with other nonprofits, WAVE taps into a network of resources, knowledge, and community outreach.

The Western-Washtenaw Area Value Express (WAVE) provides rides for all living and traveling in Western Washtenaw County to Washtenaw County. WAVE unites communities with vital transportation services, giving back and enhancing Western Washtenaw County. WAVE “Rides for All” | (734) 475-9494 | |