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February Spotlight - Nish Saxena, Insight Financial

 | Published on 2/1/2018
When I ask people what worries them most, the common responses are, “How will I provide for my loved ones?” and “Will I have enough money for retirement?” The statements often revolve around finances.
Preparing for that next step in life isn't always easy. The road to financial stability can seem complicated, time consuming, and difficult—perhaps even a bit overwhelming. Life is full of so many responsibilities and priorities that it can be hard to find time to start or even to know where to begin.
Hi, I’m Nish Saxena. I represent Insight Financial Group, a solutions-based organization. Whether you are preparing for a milestone life event, such as retirement or the sale of a business, or simply looking for financial protection for the future, I promise to offer you a new level of attention, insight, and guidance.
We offer a straightforward approach to building financial strategies focused around you, your schedule, your circumstances, and your objectives. We take t